Opening times: Sundays - 10.00 until 5.00 p.m. and Wednesdays - 10.00 until 3.00

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Winter days with us are pleasant.

Boarding P 1497

While any time is perfect for vintage tram rides, most "Winter" days are ideal with their mild temperatures. We open at 10 so it's a great time for a weekday or weekend family visit in comfort to show the children what real public transport was like.

Where are we? Just click Location.

Our Museum grounds include a small park with a large picnic shelter. We have plenty of shade and there's also our Display Hall with our oldest and most interesting trams. This and unlimited tram rides are all included in your Day Ticket.

You might like to consider a visit to us during the Spring school holidays. These begin from 20th September. Closer to this time, this website will display a list of open days and times throughout the fortnight.

Nowadays there can hardly be a cheaper day in Sydney: seniors and concession card holders have unlimited rides for only $12 and school children for just $10 (pre-schoolers are free). The adult price is $18 and there are family arrangements where, after two adults and just one child, extra children in the same family are free.

Normal prices: school children $10, concession passes $12, adults $18, Family tickets, see conditions, just $46. Entry includes our Display Hall.

Photos: upper Martin Pinches..... Posted on 17th August.


Under the Stars

You missed this one: it was on Saturday 16th but you can take a peek at what it was like.

Click starlight_revisited