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Sunday, 15th March.

Our Museum's Jubilee Day

Historic trams which ran on our first day of electric running in 1965 will form the basis of our celebratory runnning to a frequent time-table.

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Our very own Jubilee.

Our Museum turns Fifty this month!

Did you miss our Annual Vintage Tram Festival? Don't worry, mid March provides us with an even more historic occasion! The opening of our Museum. This time we'll be showcasing some of the trams with which we opened our Museum 50 years ago.

Details of this special day are set out in the left hand column. The story behind the day is below.

It seems that we at this Museum are better at celebrating significant dates of our Sydney tramway system than we are of our own museum.
It was in March, 1965 that a bunch of young fellows finally ran electrically powered trams on a short length of bushland track inside the Royal National Park.First ride
This was the culmination of years of work.

At right: fifteen years later, the first tram we received ran its first trips with our eager first day passengers.

It had all started in 1950 when two young tram enthusiasts Norman Chinn (later Member Number One) and K. McCarthy approached the Commissioner in charge of the trams and asked for a tram body for preservation.  Instead, the delighted CEO offered them a complete tram in perfect working order which would kept safely in a depôt for them until they had found a site with space for a secure storage shed and trackage.  Tram rails, overhead wire, and  tram parts would easily be found for them, he forecast.

Rail motor

 Right: An old Cadillac had been transformed into a colliery rail bus. The team saw this as being worthy of further improvement to provide rides ahead of the day before electricity could be connected. The proud driver, Denis O'Brien, remains an enthusiastic motor technician at Loftus.

But the Commissioner's powers did not extend to granting them a site! 
So the two, with a gathering cluster of supporters, began searching Sydney.

More rare photos. Read the happy ending. Jubilee story Part 2.

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