Opening times: Sundays - 10.00 until 5.00 p.m.; Wednesdays - 10.00 until 3.00 p.m.
Our tramline into the Royal National Park is in operation - 15 mins past the hour. No extra charge!

Group Booking Hotline

Families or bunches of friends have no need to book, but bus loads of visitors should. More details: -

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9542 3604

Enjoy rides on pristine trams in perfect running order!

Our Museum prides itself on the fleet of trams from Sydney R1 freshly paintedand beyond which provides rides reviving happy memories for the lucky mature citizens who enjoyed "proper public transport". Children love them too and invariably ask "why did they take the trams away?"

Apart from the trams running on the day, our Display Hall (free entry to those with our usual day ticket) have on display a number of our older trams. There are also some on view awaiting restoration.

While our Museum was gifted some trams in the last years of tram operation,we joyfully accepted those which were in working order and others we could restore. Sadly, many were sold to individuals and even organisations for whom their use proved shortlived. Some of these later offered to us were merely body shells. Yet we have managed to restore some of these to working order.

Within our Museum, we have been reviewing our plans to see if we can bring forward some of our restorations to earlier completion.

With the help of some kind friends, we have been able to find homes for some of these displaced tram bodies, but few are really in ideal surroundings.

We are all volunteers. Our Museum has a small team of maintainers and restorers and we welcome offers from interested people who would like to explore how they might be able to help. We invite enquiries during the day on 9542 3604. This number diverts to a mobile phone. Like all mobile phones, there are times when it can't be answered but we suggest ringing back a while later and you will catch us.

Pictured: top, a freshly painted tram takes on board an eager booked group of senior citizens

Centre: the same group inside the gleaming varnished interior of the popular corridor tram with its comfy cushioned seats!

Lower: a group of schoolchildren take their intial history lesson - the Story of Trams where, in our Display Hall, they see the earliest electric trams in Sydney looking at this beautfully presented 1899 tram, one of 251 which transformed the lives of inner city children in the horse and buggy era, providing visits to the early Showground and more.

Opening times: Sundays - 10.00 until 5.00 p.m.; Wednesdays - 10.00 until 3.00 p.m.

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Your visit to our Museum

Refreshments, tea, coffee, ice creams are available from our small green kiosk. You can even order our popular Loftus Lean Meat pies. We suggest you give us (say) 40 minutes notice for these.

Then there's also our souvenir and bookshop. It's tucked inside a green and cream corridor tram parked against a brick building. We even have tram videos!

Nowadays there can hardly be a cheaper day in Sydney: seniors and concession card holders have unlimited rides for only $12 and school children for just $10 (pre-schoolers are free). The adult price is $18 and there are family arrangements where, after two adults and just one child, extra children in the same family are free. Details, see Conditions

Where are we? Just click Location. Parking is available just outside our Museum along side our boundary fence.